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God has done many marvelous things in our day. Here are just a few incredible testimonies showing the mighty hand of God. May all glory, praise, and honor go to Almighty God!

Through The Fire

On September 10th, 2007, Ron Spencer was on his property in Virginia, trying to light a burn pile with his propane torch. When the torch finally lit, the propane tank exploded, sending a wall of flames 30 feet into the air. After being pulled from the flames by his son, Ron would be taken to the regional burn center and there start his long road to recovery. After being placed on the ventilator’s highest settings and going 36 hours with no brainwave activity, Ron would beat the odds and leave the hospital in less than a month. This is the story of his miraculous healing and the mighty power of God in his life.

Not Yet, Daddy

On March 14, 1995, 2 year-old Jessica Ward was riding with her grandfather and aunt when their car was struck by a train. The impact of the collision killed both of her relatives and left Jessica clinging to life. Looking to the Lord for strength, the Ward family trusted in God for the healing of their daughter. After spending days in a coma, Jessica began to show signs of improvement, yet still was unable to see. Watch as her father, Darrell Ward, tells the story of the accident and recovery and relates how God was there every step of the way, including giving Jessica her sight back!

Restoring The Glory

At just 11 years old, Moriah Pruitt was diagnosed with alopecia, a disease causing a person to lose all their hair. In spite of her hair continuing to fall out, Moriah believed that one day it would grow back again. Her theme song became “I can, I will, I do believe that Jesus heals me now!” Watch this faith-building testimony of the healing power of a living God!

Biblical Truths

God has revealed tremendous things in our day, truths that have been hiding in plain sight all along. Straight from the bible, these revealed truths will strengthen your faith and deepen your understanding of God.

The Original Sin

There is a Biblical truth to the original sin and there is a reason that every person born of sexual birth was born in sin and has to die.

The Godhead

God, all throughout the Old Testament did not have a body, but appeared to the people in different forms, such as the Burning Bush, the Cloud, and the Pillar of Fire to Israel.

Water Baptism

Since the time of John Baptist, Jesus Christ and His early Church, Believers have been using water baptism as one of their Christian ordinances.